The "Big J Exposed!" Rough Draft is a note added by Nelson in the update. It is found lying on a table in Big J's fast food restaurant in Everett.


"Big J Exposed!" Rough Draft think of a better title maybe "Is Big J Poisoning your food?" or "Is Big J making their food more addicting?"

Everyone knows that Big J restruant food has been tasting better recently, but did you also notice that the same is true for the berries around here? -no wait of course they didn't, who picks/eats random berries? In this artical we investigate the experimentation of wild animals and how they've been adding chemicals to keep you coming back! continue on here about the contract + observations + etc

also seems kind of ironic I´m writing this in a Big J fastfood, but wow these blueberry pancakes are amazing :)


The note found in Everett
  • This is the work of a journalist, who either has discovered something mysterious about Big J's food or simply just trying to get headlines, but he is probably addicted too since it is clear that he/she is enjoying a Big J meal while writing.
  • It seems to have been noted as a very rough draft, since he/she has made spelling mistakes in the words restaurant and article. Also own notes, instructions and suggestions have been included.
  • "Who picks/eats random berries?" is likely a reference to the habits of most players.
  • The description of what Big J is doing is similar to what is suspected the fast food industry does.
  • It is a possibility that Scorpion-7 has something to do with this, since these events correspond with the disaster.