16x Scope
16x Scope
File 16x_Scope
ID 296
Rarity Epic
Type Sight Attachment
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The 16x Scope is an Epic Sight Attachment that allows for aiming at a very long range due to the high magnification.

It reduces spread by 40% when aiming down the sight, making it the most accurate scope in the game.


The 16x Scope can be found in military locations and has the chance to drop from the Mega Zombie.



  • Having a high zoom capability, it proves its effectiveness in long range combat, making it very useful for the sniper rifles.
  • Each ballistic marking can help aid in compensating for ballistics.


  • Due to the large magnification it is capable of, it is relatively useless in close range shooting.
  • Has a large model, farther hindering it's close range and hip fire capabilities, obstructing a big part of the screen.


Version Changes The 16x Scope has been added to the game.
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