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8.60 Magazine

8.6x70mm Magazine Icon
Item Type: Ammunition (magazine)
Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds
Used By: Timberwolf
Equipable? No
Weight: 1 slot (1x1)
Description: "Military grade 8.6x70mm magazine. Designed to fit 6 rounds."

The 8.60 Magazine is a rare type of magazine in Unturned. It is used by the Timberwolf, and can hold 6 rounds.

How to Obtain

8.60 Magazines can be found in the town and the farm in the Devtest map (3.x) and military locations of PEI (2.x).

Magazine Conditions


  • The 8.60 Magazine is the most damaging ammunition in the game.


  • It has a low ammo count, holding 6 rounds per magazine.
  • It is used by only the Timberwolf.


  • The 8.60 Magazine is most likely based off the .338 Lapua Magnum, the round that its real-life counterpart holds.
  • It was previously called "Lapua Magazine" when it first appeared in the game. Its second name was "8.6x70mm Magazine" when it reappeared in version 3.0.
  • When it reappeared in version 3.0, the gun's description said it used 5.56x45mm rounds despite being used by the Timberwolf. It was later fixed after couple of versions.


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