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8x Scope
8x Scope
ID 21
Rarity Rare
Type Attachment (Sight)
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The 8x Scope is a Rare Sight Attachment that can be equipped onto guns that accept sight attachments. When equipped, it allows for longer range view when aiming.

It reduces spread when aiming down the sight by 30%.


It can typically be found at Military Locations, such as the Summerside Military Base and Confederation Bridge in PEI, and Olympia Military Base and Paradise Point in Washington.


The mil dot reticle on the bottom line of the scope gives additional 4 aim points for shooting at different ranges to compensate for the bullet drop, which was introduced in version Each mil dot represents 100 meters increase in distance to the target, so for example to hit a target at 200 meters the second mil dot should be used.


  • The 8x Scope is able to zoom in a decent amount of range, making shots more accurate in long-ranged combat.
    • Furthermore, it has the second best zoom of all sights in the game, just behind the 16x Scope, which is only suitable for very far range sniping, making this a more useful option for sniping unless the target is too far away.


  • Due to its relatively high magnifaction, the 8x Scope is a poor choice for close quarters combat.
  • It does not have a reticle on the center, making it inaccurate for very long distances.


Version Changes The 8x Scope has been added to the game.


  • The 8x Scope is the first sight attachment with an optical zoom in version 3.0, which is added in version
  • After the release of version, a Timberwolf with a 8x Scope was able to be found in your inventory, making it easliy available in Devtest. This was removed shortly later.
  • It was added along with the Timberwolf.


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