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ID 57 (Desert) • 53 (Forest) • 119 (Olive)
Seats 8
Forward 58.5 kph
Backward 27 kph
Brake 32
File Name APC_Desert • APC_Forest • Vodnik
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit 3.5

The APC is an amphibious military Legendary Vehicle in Unturned 3. Unlike most land-based vehicles, this can be ridden on both land and water.


It appears in three variants. All variants are a near-fully enclosed vehicle with a long hull, with two narrow front window slits in the front for the front passengers. Hatches on the roof of the vehicle cannot be opened.

There are three variants of the APC: forest, desert, and olive.

The forest and desert variants are eight-wheeled vehicles with two hatches on the roof of the APC. They are named the Forest APC and Desert APC respectively.

The olive variant is only a four-wheeled vehicle with a single roof hatch, and has a front bumper. Additionally, the olive variant has a a front rear window on each side. It is named the APC in-game.


Hawaii: The Desert APC can be found at Mauna Kea.

PEI: The Forest APC can be found in the Summerside Military Base, or near the Confederation Bridge.

Russia: The olive variant can be found at Military Locations.

Washington: The Desert APC can be found in military locations, such as the checkpoints near the tunnels and Olympia Military Base.



  • Due to its large fuel capacity, the APC can be used to travel long distances without having to refuel it too often.
  • Passengers are generally entirely safe from gunfire, with only the passenger and driver seats exposed in the front, through a narrow slit.
  • It can carry up to 8 players.
  • It has amphibious properties, meaning it can float and drive on water.
  • Protects the driver and passengers the most out of any of the other vehicles.


  • Backseat passengers cannot use weapons effectively.
  • Very rare.


  • The APC appears to not resemble many of the real-life APC models. However, it is likely a combination of several models.
  • Despite its size, it can fit snugly in a player-made garage.
  • The model in the editor appears to use the previous APC model than the current one. It is unknown if it was intentional or simply forgotten to be updated.
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