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ATC Log is a note found in the ATC tower of Shereyavo International. It is a air traffic log containing 2 log entries where a plane has landed and found out to contain a virus.



May 22nd 07:18

The plane we just landed - flight 106 - isn't responding, and appears to have been on autopilot. Ground crews are preparing to expediate the passengers' departure in-case of emergency.


May 22nd 07:27

Flight 106's occupants seem to be carrying an extremely fast-acting virus infecting everyone in the area. Security is moving to intercept and everybody else is being evacuated to Moscow.


  • Because it is on autopilot the pilot may be dead or infected, hence giving no response to air traffic control.
    • By the book, autopilots have to be under the pilot's supervision to attempt an automated landing. This may imply that the pilot was either killed or infected only after he/she began landing procedure
  • The situation shows that the virus is very potent, as it infected a lot of people in the area.
  • It seems that survivors are being moved to Moscow.
  • This is most likely how the zombie outbreak spread to Russia, as the note implies that the passengers where infected by some sort of virus.