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Acid Zombie
Main Informations
Health 100
Spawn Location(s) Anywhere
Extra Informations

The Acid Zombie is a zombie variant in Unturned 3. It appears as a Normal Zombie with a cyan foam spewing out of its mouth.


While chasing The Player, the Acid Zombie will occasionally stop to launch an acid spit towards them. Stepping in this acid will activate the Acid Status Effect, constantly damaging The Player.


The Acid Zombie has a 0.02% chance of spawning, but can spawn anywhere other Zombies can spawn. The Pirate Zombie Boss in the Mk. II Puzzle has the ability to replicate the acid affect seen by this Zombie.


Version Changes Added Acid Zombie
  • Tweaked acid spit to have separate death message.
  • Tweaked density of acid spit graphics lower and to better reflect damage area.
  • Fixed not showing acid spit with gore disabled.
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