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Animal Pelt

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Animal Pelt

Item Type: Crafting material
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.1 kg/0.22 lbs
Description: Thick fuzzy animal skin.

Animal Pelt is a crafting material dropped by deer and pigs upon death. It is the only material that is able to craft animal clothing and the Animalpack.

Crafting recipes



  • Can be sometimes obtained from the meat store in Burywood, along with Raw meat.
  • Like other clothes giving cloth, crafting the Animal Pants/Animal Shirt, will produce 1 Animal Pelt.
  • Animal pelt is very useful in arena mode because it is used as the material to craft the Animalpack, the only available backpack that you can get without server sync.
  • It was originally called "Deer Pelt", but it was renamed when pigs were added to the game.