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Anniversary Gift Bag
Mystery Box 9
ID 725
Rarity Gold
Type Box
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Special Pro
Anniversary Gift Bag
Mystery Box 9
Generate Generate
Destroy Destroy
Drops Drops



The Anniversary Gift Bag is an Unlisted Rarity Present in Unturned 3. It contains cosmetics themed around an anniversary. It does not require a Key to open.


The Anniversary Gift Bag can be purchased from the Community Market.


Opening this will reward The Player with one of the following:

  • Blue Origami Party Hat
  • Blue Birthday Party Hat
  • Green Origami Party Hat
  • Green Birthday Party Hat
  • Orange Origami Party Hat
  • Orange Birthday Party Hat
  • Purple Origami Party Hat
  • Purple Birthday Party Hat
  • Red Origami Party Hat
  • Red Birthday Party Hat
  • Yellow Origami Party Hat
  • Yellow Birthday Party Hat
  • Silver Origami Party Hat
  • Silver Birthday Party Hat
  • Gold Origami Party Hat
  • Gold Birthday Party Hat
  • Rainbow Origami Party Hat
  • Rainbow Birthday Party Hat
  • Insanely Rare Confetti Item
Steam (Unturned 3)

ID ListSteam

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