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This page contains content that was removed from Unturned. Anything on this page is no longer part of the game, so please keep this in mind while commenting or editing.


The Anomaly
Aggressive? No
Health: None (Invincible)
Location: The lighthouse in Summerside Peninsula.
Appearance A pair of red eyes glowing for a few seconds at night. 

The Anomaly was a strange entity of unknown origin in Unturned that resided in the lighthouse.


The only seen part of the Anomaly is its two, glaring neon red eyes that are approximately the size of a player's head. The Anomaly's eyes will stare at the player for 2-3 seconds before vanishing/closing during a random time at night. It will not appear during the day.


It was confirmed by ZackZak (Nelson's alias in Reddit) that the Anomaly existed in the game, but it was removed. He also stated that the Anomaly was "just a pair of red eyes". The Anomaly was added in the development version 222. It has been removed ever since.

Reddit Post

Impact to the Community

The addition of the Anomaly made a huge impact to the community. Many players thought that the anomaly has somewhat of a "Herobrine" feeling, a false entity in Minecraft which impacted the community similar to Unturned's. Some thought that it's the reason why Unturned is a horror game.

Some players also started to make up hoaxes, fooling gullible players who believed in it. Such hoaxes started after the release of the Steam version of Unturned, when thousands of new players started to play the game. Discussions of the Anomaly can be seen in the Steam forum of Unturned, and sites such as Reddit and unofficial Unturned forums. Example threads can be seen here: 1 2

There are several popular claims that it can move around the map or can kill the player when up close, but there are no known instances of such events actually occurring in the game.


  • Due to the intervals that it wakes up, it can be assumed that the creature wakes up from its slumber to observe the player.
  • Its glowing eyes are only activated at a certain distance, meaning that you cannot see its eyes from a place far from the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse has no bulb. Due to this, it would leave room for the Anomaly to fit inside.
  • In version 2.2.5, the radio tower's flashing red light from a far distance was easily mistaken as the Anomaly by many players. The only difference is that the tower only emits one red ball of light.
  • If you purchase the Gold Account upgrade, there is a red pair of eyes (under the face category) similar to the Anomaly entity except that the eyes are much smaller than the original.
  • Many players believed it to be non-existent due to the fact that they made failed attempts to see it.
  • The zombies during full moon have glowing red eyes, like the Anomaly.