The April 2017 Workshop Crate #2 is an Unlisted Rarity Box in Unturned 3. It contains community-contributed curated skins selected in April 2017. It requires a April 2017 Workshop Crate Key #2 to be opened.


The April 2017 Workshop Crate #2 can be bought from the Community Market.


Opening this with the April 2017 Workshop Crate Key #2 will reward The Player with one of the following:

  • Lunar Cargo Yuri
  • Killcount Peacemaker
  • Powertool Teklowvka
  • Redforce Ace
  • Alien Hunter Fusilaut
  • Prototype Scalar
  • Bandana Nightraider
  • Equalizer Maplestrike
  • Blood Dragon Katana
  • Native Snayperskya
  • Armor Nykorev
  • Nueve Era Bulldog
  • Lavalamp Baseball Bat
  • Tigrus Eaglefire
  • Steampunk Hell's Fury
  • Elemental Zubeknakov
  • Super Rare Mythical Item


  • Rather than the contents have a Premium Workshop Rarity, they follow the standard Rarity system attributed to other Boxes.
  • The Armor Nykorev was added in place of the Circus Nykorev, which was removed prior to release due to copyright issues.
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