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Augewehr 1362
ID 1362
Rarity Epic
Type Ranged Weapon
Slots Primary: 8 Slots (4x2)
Hooks Sight • Tactical • Grip • Barrel
Defaults Augewehr Scope
Firemodes Safety • Semi • Auto
Range 200 meters • 656.168 feet
Firerate 7.1428571428571 RPS
Durability 20% degrade chance ( wear)
Damage 43
Damage 99
Damage 43
Barricade 25
Structure 20
Vehicle 40
Resource 20
Object 35
Negation True / False
File Filename
Caliber 9
Muzzle 3
Augewehr 1362



The Augewehr is an Epic Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It is an assault rifle and uses Ranger Magazines and Ranger Drums for ammunition, which hold 35 and 75 rounds respectively. It has the Augewehr Scope pre-attached by default, with 4x magnification.


Hawaii: Can only be found in Carepackages.

PEI: Can only be found in Carepackages.

Russia: Can be found at Volk Military Base, Zavod, Silo 22, the Oil Rig, and Ivan.

Washington: Can only be found in Carepackages.





  • The Augewehr seems to be based off the AUG A1/A2 with a Swarovski 4x scope.
  • The Augewehr uses Ranger ammunition, albeit the real-life equivalent being able to use STANAG, which is closer to Military ammunition.
    • Its real-life equivalent can also use 9×19mm Parabellum, which is not reflected in-game. The Ranger Magazine and Ranger Drum that it can use is comparable to 7.62x39mm instead.
  • The Augewehr is one of the three weapons in the game to have a scope on by default, the others being the Shadowstalker and the Shadowstalker Mk. II.
    • The Augewehr is the first Ranged Weapon with a Legendary Sight Attachment equipped by default.
  • The Augewehr is one of three bullpup designed weapons.
  • The name is based off the real life equivalent, being the Steyr AUG.
    • AUG is an abbreviation of "Armee Universal Gewehr", meaning "universal army rifle".
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