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Location: Unnamed town (Devtest)
Size: Small
Unique Features: None (Common civilian items)

The Bank is a building in Unturned 3. It is a gray, two-roomed building with the "BANK" label displayed in front.


The Bank has two rooms; the main room and the vault room. The main room contains a counter, four chairs, and two tables. Civilian-grade items are found in random spots, but they aren't very useful other than some being used in crafting recipes. However; in the vault room you can find Ranger-grade items and, on some occasions, weapons as well. Overall, this isn't the most favorable place to scavenge, but still useful to those who seek simple items.


The Bank can be used as a model in the editor. It can be found by clicking the "Level" button on the top-right corner, and then by clicking "Objects". It is categorized as "large objects", so ticking off the other two can make it easier to search for it.


  • Compared to other banks in real life, this one very small.


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