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For the Unturned 3 version, see Barbed Wire Fence.

Barbed Fence
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Type Trap



The Barbed Fence is a wire trap/wall that can kill any player or zombie in one hit upon contact, making them very useful in base construction and defense. The Barbed Fence is the same as any other trap and breaks. An electrified version known as the Electric Fence can be crafted when combined with 4 Scrap metal, but requires a Generator within its range for its desired effect. One section of barbed fence has 1,200hp.

Crafting recipes

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  • Players should be careful about where they place their Barbed Fences, as they may easily step into them by accident.
  • The Electric Fence and Barbed Fence look similar, only that the Electric Fence has no barbs.
  • Because of the way the zombie pathfinding works, if you surround your base with these, the zombies will almost 100% of the time walk into them.