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Barbed Wire Fence

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Barbed Wire Fence
Fence Barbedwire
File Fence_Barbedwire
ID 1119
Rarity Epic
Type Trap
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)
Health 325
Range 4
Radius 0.15
Offset 1.65
Special Vulnerable
Explosion 36



For the Unturned Classic version, see Barbed Fence.

The Barbed Wire Fence is an Epic Trap in Unturned 3.


When an Entity touches the Barbed Wire Fence, their Health drops by 50% and causes Bleeding.


Metal Scrap (2x) + Barbed Wire (x5) = Barbed Wire Fence


At 325hp, taking 5hp per hit, the Barbed Wire Fence can deal 65 hits before breaking.

Player 50
Zombie 100
Animal 100
Building (Unturned 3)

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