The Barricaded House is a building found in Montague. It is a tall, white building with barricades in the bottom floor. 2-3 zombies usually spawns nearby this house.


The Barricaded House's appearance is like the two story buildings found in towns, but barricades are presented in the bottom floor. The player can not gain access by simply entering the house via the bottom floor like most other buildings in Unturned. It is barricaded on the bottom floor by things like tires, baths etc. The bottom floor has no entrances that the player can access, but it is possible to enter via the top floor. There is a military box located on the bedroom on the second floor which spawns ammunitions, militia & military weapons. If you use bows as your firearm, 2-5 arrows sometimes spawns inside the house. In case the military box doesn't provide enough loot, you could walk down to the military tent located nearby the house.

Gaining Access

There are a number of ways the player can gain access to the top floor of the house:


A pile of cars used to gain entrance

  1. The player can craft a ladder to gain entrance to one of the windows on the top floor.
  2. The player can drive a nearby vehicle to under the window, and find another car and ram it into the other car and (with luck) making a climbable pile of cars which the player can use to gain access into the house.
  3. The player can park a vehicle against the wall of the house with the passenger side facing outwards. Then, disconnect and reconnect and the player will be inside the wall of the house. Walk forwards and the player will be inside the house on the bottom floor. This can sometimes be done by just exiting the vehicle.
  4. The easiest way is if there is a van, park it with the back of the van facing the wall. Then, climb the van and jump through the window.


  • It is the only special building in Montague.
  • A similar building is found in Burywood, where a room of a house is barricaded.
  • Zombies can still sense your presence if you are on the first floor, even though it is barricaded. This is due to the fact that there are holes that are not filled and zombies spawning nearby the house.