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Bars Fortification

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Bars Fortification

Item ID: 287
Item Type: Placeable (Barricade)
Health: 700
Equippable? Yes
Slots: 2 slots (2x1)
Description: "Metal bars ideal for fortifying windows."

Bars Fortification is a placeable metal structure in Unturned.


It can be found in the O'Leary Prison in the watch towers.

It also can be found at the RCMP Outpost in the Yukon map.


The crafting recipe for Bars Fortification is as followed.

Metal Bar (x6) + Blowtorch = Bars Fortification

A Crafting level of three is required in order to build Bars Fortification



  • Has high health.
  • Can be seen through.


  • Hard to craft, and can only found at the O'Leary Prison or at the RCMP base in Yukon.


Building (Unturned 3)

BuildingID List

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