ID 185
Seats 1
Trunk 0 Storage (0x0)
Forward 44 kph
Backward 14 kph
Brake 24
File Name Bicycle
Special Bicycle • Traction • Crawler • Invulnerable
Explosion 20
Exit 1.5

The Bicycle is a Common Car in Unturned 3. Unlike other vehicles, it does not consume fuel, and the player can pedal faster by using their stamina when holding the Shift key.

Acquirement: Edit

It can be found at Civilian Locations on all maps except the Yukon.

Appearance: Edit

It appears like a gray bicycle. Unlike real bicycles, you don't fall over if you stop moving forward, and it's possible to pedal backwards too.

Analysis: Edit

Advantages: Edit

  • Does not consume fuel.
  • Easy to obtain.
  • The Exercise skill improves the effectiveness of pedaling.

Disadvantages: Edit

  • Requires stamina to go faster.
  • Only one seat.
  • The driver is completely exposed to gunfire.
  • Zero slots of trunk inventory.

Trivia: Edit

  • It is the first stamina-powered vehicle in Unturned.
  • Honking will make a bell sound.
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