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Biohazard Hood
Biohazard Hood
ID 1017
Rarity Rare
Type Mask
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)



The Biohazard Hood is a Rare Mask in Unturned 3 which can be found on Yukon, Washington, and PEI.

It provides immunity to Deadzone Nodes for a certain period of time and is repaired with a Filter by holding it in hands and then pressing Primary Action [Mouse #1], while the Biohazard Hood is still on.

It goes together with the Biohazard Top and Biohazard Bottom.


Yukon: Found at Off Limits, Overturned Ship, and the Crashed Skycrane.

Washington: Found in Scorpion-7.

PEI: Found at the broken Scorpion-7 sign in the field of Tignish Farm.

Hawaii: Found inside research areas such as the one on the volcano, the one at the Ailani deadzone, near the harbor, and at the miniature deadzone

In Russia it is a separate item, the Gasmask.

The Biohazard Hood is also dropped by Biohazard Zombies.


  • The description ("Yeah science!") is a reference to the Breaking Bad TV-Series.


Version Changes Context type changed from Hat to Mask.
3.#.#.# Removed armor multiplier.
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