Black Fireperson's Helmet

Fire helm
Item Type: Clothing, Helmet
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.25kg/0.55lbs
Examine Text: "Very protective against fire."

The Black Fireperson's Helmet is an uncommon type of headgear found in various locations. It is the head piece of the black firepersons outfit which consists of the black firepersons top, black firepersons pants and this helmet.

How to Obtain

The Black Fireperson's Helmet is found in 3 locations. These locations are; Charlottetown's fire station, Burywood's fire station and the immobile fire truck on the Confederation Bridge.


  • Contrary to the item's description, the helmet cannot protect against fire.
  • The item is currently not in 3.0 as of