Bleeding mip 0
is a status effect in Unturned which causes a player to rapidly lose Health. Players can bleed through taking damage. Bleeding is less likely to occur if protected with armor, or if the skill Warrior has been increased. Bleeding lasts 60 seconds before it stops unless in hardcore mode, more than enough time for an injured player to bleed out and die. Bleeding can be immediately stopped by using specific medical supplies. In PvP servers, it is wise to carry a blood-stopping tool (such as a rag) in your hotbar in order to react fast to bleeding. A dressing or a medkit is ideal, assuming it was a gunshot that started the bleeding.

Causes of bleeding

  • Taking damage >20% of your health.
  • Getting hit by a bladed weapon, such as a Katana
  • Being hit by an explosive trap, car explosion, or a Fragmentation Grenade
  • Getting shot at by any guns.
  • Stepping on a caltrop, snare or barbed wire

Medical supplies that stop bleeding

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  • Bleeding originally lasted indefinitely unless a sort of bandage was used, making it an extremely lethal status effect to acquire before it was limited.
  • You can wait before bleeding to stop. But it may kill you considering it has a 60 second real-time effect.