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  • MoltonMontro

    If you are remotely curious...

    10 slots of storage.

    All of which are only useful for reasons that do not involve practical storage. Plaques, Rifle Racks, and Trophy Cases display the item put in them.

    The Friendly Sentry, Neutral Sentry, and Hostile Sentry aren't classified as Item Storages. Instead, they are Robotic Turrets. They can shoot things when powered if it has a Ranged Weapon in it.

    • Birch Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Birch Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Birch Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Maple Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Maple Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Maple Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Pine Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Pine Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Pine Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Metal Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Metal Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
    • Metal Trophy Case: 5x…
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  • Bindit life

    hell's fury

    June 22, 2017 by Bindit life

    id: hells' fury 1365 id: hell's fury durm 1364

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  • MoltonMontro

    Fire Extinguisher

    June 11, 2017 by MoltonMontro

    Fires should be put out with blunt trauma.

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  • Hackername

    Nothing happened.

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  • Fr3shFr3sh


    May 5, 2017 by Fr3shFr3sh
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  • Stefanczuk

    medieval arena idea?

    April 11, 2017 by Stefanczuk

    So I'm thinking of creating a arena map that's supposed to be around the medieval time period.

    The map idea is it's four islands in each corner with a fifth island in the middle with all the other islands connected to it with Bridges. Each Island has it's own culture with one island being all about vikings and another one being about Indians. I really think this idea would be great and I hope to hear your guys ideas and any criticism for it

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  • MoltonMontro

    The Polishing Blog

    April 9, 2017 by MoltonMontro

    ...because sometimes raw suggestions are too much to aspire for.

    I've played a lot more Unturned lately with the addition of our official dedicated server, and, as expected, I get to re-face my views on the game! :)

    However, I'm not going to rant about how much Nelson sucks and the game sucks and everything is ass, because I don't believe that. >:( People should make up their mind if they want optimization or if they want new content. Then, when they get both, they complain because it's too little of them. Bah!

    I'd like polishing of older features, though. c: That's better than new mechanics and new content.

    Background information: the main thing about Vehicle physics in Unturned is that they're pulled down by gravity, which is based off their…

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  • Xenomorph12

    New Car

    March 6, 2017 by Xenomorph12

    Let us have a moment of silence for my 1972 Vega. It was a good car. BUT ITS NOT MEIN NOW! I managed to get a Orange/Black VH Valiant Charger, and holy god am I happy. I love her thing! My eternal flame for muscle cars shall never die, and now I get to have one of my faverites.

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  • Xenomorph12

    I went back to play the original doom to relive my beautiful years of being 14 in 1993....and it took me 4 HOURS to get through it, just to get stuck fighting the Cyberdemon. I hate you! I had to get Rekord over here to beat it in multiplayer. These are the reasons I threw away my original copy after I beat the game.


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  • Xenomorph12

    A number of things. From speaking his mind on many "perfectly fine" profile pics to taking action by, well, ask MoltonMontro, BakkaruOni, or Yarrr, Rekord Keryev is an IDIOT. And I don't say that to offend him. It's just a matter of taking action in the worst way possible. Hell, I didn't even know Lostone and DasMemorial even existed before those ridiculous comments about "why your avatar is cancerous because I'm 2 and I can't handle this so I'm questioning humanity" bullshit. Anybody in their right mind would just keep their mouth shut and move along. If anybody has a further opinion on this, or wants to consult me about saying these things about Keryev, post it in the comments or on my message wall.

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