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Health is the value used in Unturned. It is one of five statuses for the player.

The Health bar begins at 100% whenever the player spawns, and will decrease whenever the player takes damage in game through a variety of ways. Blood can be restored through Medical Supplies. Blood will also slowly regenerate when food, water, and immunity meters are all at or above 90%.

Health is also used as a value for other entities, structures, barricades, and some objects.

Causes of Depletion of Health

  • Being attacked by a hostile entity
  • Being attacked by a player that is not in your group*
  • Immunity meter reaches 0%
  • Food meter reaches 0%
  • Water meter reaches 0%
  • Drowning
  • Getting ran over by a vehicle*
  • Stepping on traps*
  • Falling from great heights
  • Freezing to death
  • Burning to death
  • Explosions caused by any means*

*These do not apply to PvE based servers.

Medical Supplies That Restore Health

Other sources of restoring blood are:


  • Whenever you are hit, a blood effect is emitted onto surrounding surfaces to simulate blood splatter, unless the player has "Blood" in graphics unchecked. The same applies to Zombies and Animals.

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