Bottled Water
Bottled Water 14
File Bottled_Water
ID 14
Rarity Common
Type Drink
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Water +55%



The Bottled Water is a Common Drink in Unturned 3.


The Bottled Water is found at any Civilian Location.


Bottled Water (<100%) + Purification Tablets = Bottled Water (100%)


Version Changes Bottled Water now has a different icon.

Changed thirst reduction from 40% to 55%. Icon is now 3D instead of 2D.
Survival (Unturned 3)

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Bottled Water

Bottled Water Icon3D
Item ID: 14
Item Type: Edibles (Drink)
Thirst Reduction: -50%
Equippable? Yes
Inventory Space: 1 slot (1x1)
Examine Text: "Overpriced tap water."

Bottled Water is an uncommon drink item in Unturned Classic that can be found at Civilian Locations.


It is found at Civilian Locations.


Version Changes
Early versions Bottled Water has been added to the game
2.0.3 Bottled Water can be crafted from Moldy Bottled Water using Purification Tablets.


  • It was previously one of the three starting items in easy mode in version 2.2.5, but it was replaced by Apple Juice Box.
  • The cap of the Bottled Water can be seen in the fridge of the starter menu in version 2.2.5

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