Boulder - Unturned 3
ID(s) 21
Health 1000
Radius 4
Scale 0.3
Spawn(s) Metal Scrap
File Name Metal_0
Special No_Debris • BladeID 2
Explosion 52

The Boulder is a resource in Unturned 3. It resembles a large, gray rock with metal scraps covering it.


The Boulder can be mined with anything that inflicts Resource damage.

When mined, it drops 3-7 Metal Scrap.

It can be mined faster using a Pickaxe, and even faster with a Jackhammer.


The Boulder is found on cliffsides in all maps.


Location: Rocky sides of various hills and mountains.

Boulders are common resources in Classic.


Boulders are usually found on the rocky sides of a mountain or hill. They are large, rounded gray objects which appear in groups of more than three.

Boulders are able to be mined with the Pick. When mined, they drop Rocks around it, but they have a rare chance of dropping Stones. Once it is mined down, it will turn darker and will look slightly smaller in size.


  • The Outdoorsman Achievement can be obtained by mining 1000 resources, such as Boulders.

Unturned 3: