Bran Cereal

Bran Cereal Icon
Item Type: Food Item
Hunger Reduction: -40%
Equippable Yes
Stackable Yes
Weight: 0.2kg/0.44lbs
Examine Text: "Bran-e-os contain 0 calories in a sort of salad mix."

Bran Cereal is a rare food item that can be found at civilian locations. When consumed, it reduces hunger by 40%. Due to its weight, Bran Cereal is able to be carried in large quantities. This makes a player's inventory space management more efficient by utilizing the least amount of weight for the greatest amount of hunger reduction.

Food Perks/Restrictions

Due to the Bran Cereal having a medium weight, travel with it is sort of inefficient.

Bran Cereal is better than all packaged food except for Canned Beans


  • Bran Cereal is currently the only boxed food within the game.
  • The item may be a nod to one of Nelsons online friends, "Bran_Salad".
  • It is one of the 2 foods with a writing on it, other one being the MRE.
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