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Bullet Drop is a Feature in Unturned 3 which applies real life gravity physics into bullets shot from weapons.

All bullets shot from weapons have this effect, a.k.a ballistic bullets, arrows, rockets, rails, missiles.

This will effect the accuracy of players in far range, especially when it is >200m, which is a significant problem in PvP sniping.

Sniper rifles are recommended to have a 8x scope or 16x scope attachment because of the horizontal lines that they have. (7x scope, Augewehr default scope and Shadowstalker 6x scope doesn`t have these lines). Rangefinder is also recommended.


8x Scope when aimed with the horizontal lines.


- To work out the bulletdrop effect, Player should practice in Singleplayer by practicing shooting a sniper rifle with rangefinder and scope attachment with specific ranges like 100m, 150m, 200m, etc.

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