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Bunker Arena Map Bundle
Bunker Arena Map Bundle
Type Bundle



The Bunker Arena Map Bundle was a bundle released with the Bunker Arena map for Unturned 3.

Purchasing the bundle supported the creator of the map: Daniel "Danaby2." It contained contents themed around Bunker Arena.


The Bunker Arena Map Bundle can no longer be obtained.


  • Aprix Bandit Leader Hat
  • Aprix Bandit Leader Shoulders
  • Aprix Bandit Leader Bandana
  • Aprix Bandit Leader Shirt
  • Aprix Bandit Leader Pants
  • Aprix Bandit Leader Backpack
  • Aprix Bandit Member Hat
  • Aprix Bandit Member Bullet Belt
  • Aprix Bandit Member Backpack
  • Aprix Bandit Member Balaclava
  • Aprix Bandit Member Shirt
  • Aprix Bandit Member Pants


  • Although other timed curated map bundles are available after their respective map was removed, this specific bundle will not return.
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