Burner Zombie
Burner Zombie
Main Informations
Health 100
Spawn Location(s) Anywhere
Extra Informations

The Burner Zombie is a Zombie variant in Unturned 3. It appears as a Normal Zombie, except it also emits glowing orange flames.

Behavior: Edit

Upon death, the Burner Zombie explodes. Being damaged by this explosion will cause The Player to bleed. Any nearby Normal Zombie caught in the explosion will also become a Burner Zombie.

Some clothing is Fireproof, and will protect the wearer from this explosion. Currently, this only includes the Firefighter Top, and the Firefighter Bottom.

Location: Edit

The Burner Zombie has a default 0.02% chance of spawning, but can spawn anywhere other Zombies can spawn.

History: Edit

Version Changes Added Burner Zombie
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