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Burner Zombie
Burner Zombie
Main Informations
Health 100
Spawn Location(s) Anywhere
Extra Informations

The Burner Zombie is a Zombie variant in Unturned 3. It appears as a Normal Zombie, except it also emits glowing orange flames.


Upon death, the Burner Zombie explodes. Being damaged by this explosion will cause The Player to bleed. Any nearby Normal Zombie caught in the explosion will also become a Burner Zombie.

Some clothing is Fireproof, and will protect the wearer from this explosion. Currently, this only includes the Firefighter Top, and the Firefighter Bottom.


The Burner Zombie has a default 0.02% chance of spawning, but can spawn anywhere other Zombies can spawn.


Version Changes Added Burner Zombie
Entity (Unturned 3)

EntityID List

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