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ID 86
Seats 10
Forward 54
Backward 27
Brake 24
File Name Bus
Special Traction

Cam follow distance = 7.5

Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Bus is a vehicle in Unturned.


The Bus can be found near bus stops of Seattle in Washington.


The Bus is a 4-wheeled transport vehicle with a very long, white hull with red and blue lines around the side. It has multiple windows on the side and about 8 chairs inside (The one at the back can hold 3 passengers).



  • Can hold lots of people (9 passengers plus 1 driver), more than any other vehicle in-game
  • Good health points and fuel capacity
  • Does not tip over easily
  • Good for drive-by shootings, due to the number of windows


  • Rather slow acceleration
  • Driver and passengers are rather exposed to gunfire due to multiple openings.
  • Larger turning radius than most other vehicles


  • Like the Tractor, its .dat file was leaked in a patch and Nelson quickly removed it in another patch.
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