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The front side of the Cafe.

Location: Alberton
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns food and drink items.

The Cafe is a building found in Alberton. It is a pale green building with the "Cafe" label shown.


The Cafe has two tables with two chairs each and a small aisle next to the counter. The counter has a cash register on it which has $1000.00 displayed on it, like any other cash register in PEI. The table behind the counter has some sort of drink dispenser, similar to the one found in Burywood's police station.

Food, drinks and other related items spawn on any object/furniture.

Items found in the Cafe

Item Rarity
Snacks (e.g. Chocolate Bar) Common
Canned Cola Common
Apple Juice Box Common
Moldy drinks (e.g. Moldy Milk) Common
Moldy food (e.g. Moldy Potato) Common
Kitchen Knife Common
Milk, Orange Juice and Bottled Water Uncommon
Energy Drink Uncommon
Canned food (e.g. Canned Pasta) Uncommon
Frying Pan Uncommon
Grocer clothing (top and bottom) Uncommon
Chef clothing (hat, top and bottom) Uncommon
Large Bottled Water Rare
Butcher Knife Rare


  • It is one of the two buildings in Alberton which are highly concentrated in food and drinks, the other being the Pizza Shop.
  • Despite Cafes generally being a coffee shop, the game has no implementation of coffee for the cafe to use.

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