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Camp Axe
ID 16
Rarity Common
Type Melee Weapon
Slots 0 Slots (0x0)
Equip Secondary
Durability 0% degrade chance
Camp Axe
Damage 34
Damage 34
Damage 34
Barricade 15
Structure 10
Vehicle 25
Resource 100
Object Object Damage
Negation True / False
Camp Axe
File Filename
Range 2
Strength Strength
Weak Weak
Strong Strong
Stamina Stamina
Special Special
Camp Axe



The Camp Axe is a Common Melee Weapon in Unturned.


The Camp Axe is found at Campgrounds. It is also dropped by Lumberjack Zombies.



Metal Scrap (x1) + Maple Stick (x2) + Camp Axe (<99%) = Camp Axe (100%).


Version Changes
Beta Pre-Steam
  • The Axe has been added to the game.
  • The Axe can now convert boards into sticks.
  • The Axe can no longer converts boards into sticks.
  • Appearance has changed.
  • Damage has been decreased from 60% to 45%.
  • The Axe can no longer chop Trees.
  • Name changed to Camp Axe.
  • The Axe can again chop Trees.
  • The Axe can now be used to convert Planks to Sticks.
  • The Axe can no longer be used to convert Planks to Sticks.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 25.


  • It can be seen leaning against the wall in the login menu in version 2.2.5.
  • In version 2.2.5 while equipped, the head of the Camp Axe shows the number 6 in tally marks.
  • The Camp Axe's icon clips through the border in the Inventory.

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