Captain Sydney
Main Informations
Health N/A
Neutral Yes
Spawn Location(s) Liberator
Status Introduced in 3.0
Drops N/A
Extra Informations
Speed N/A
Size Same as a civilian zombie
Color(s) Skin Orange

Captain Sydney is an NPC in Unturned 3. She is the female Captain of the Liberator and the leader of the Russian contingent of the Coalition. Upon interacting with her she can offer some helpful info about the Coalition. She is found on the bridge of the Liberator, on the Russia map.


Captain Sydney is a static NPC, meaning she cannot move or navigate at all. Her only role is to provide the player with possible quests and information. She also serves as the only NPC on the ship who can grant The Player a chance to enroll in the Coalition, she can also promote the player if sufficient quests are completed.


Version Changes
  • Captain Syndey was implemented into 3.0 along with the Liberator AC and a part of the crew.
  • Captain Syndey was given a halloween vampire attire for the duration of the holiday.
  • Removed halloween costume.