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2015-03-07 00017

The castle, as viewed from the exterior.


The castle is a structure that exists on Oultons Isle on the southern side of the map in PEI. It is a great place to make a base on, as it is zombie free, and has towers to overlook the grounds, and unbreakable walls, like all non-player built structures.

2015-03-07 00012

The underside of the staircase.

The inside of the castle contains 2 staircases, both of which lead to two of the 4 lower towers. The underside of the staircases are hollow.


There are currently no item spawns in this area.


  • The castle is relatively small, while real life castles are massive.
  • The tower in the middle can be accessed by the ladder located behind it.
  • It could also be a reference to the Quebec City Luxury Hotel.

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