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Chief Brian
Main Informations
Health N/A
Neutral Yes
Spawn Location(s) Liberator
Status Introduced in 3.0
Drops N/A
Extra Informations
Speed N/A
Size Same as a civilian zombie
Color(s) Black

Chief Brian is an NPC in Unturned 3. He is the male Police Chief of the Liberator and the man responsible for keeping law and order active on said Aircraft Carrier. His interaction is not limited only to giving him a stereotypical donut to quench his hunger but also he plays a big role in uncovering the traitor aboard the AC. He is found on above the bridge of the Liberator, on the Russia map.


Chief Brian is a static NPC, meaning he can't move or navigate at all. His only role is to provide the player with possible quests and information.


Version Changes
  • Chief Brian was implemented into 3.0 along with the Liberator AC and a part of the crew.
  • Clothing replaced with a wizard costume.


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