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Civil Servant Zombie

Aggressive? Yes
Health: 100%
Location: Civil Service locations.
Drops: Varies

Civil Servant Zombies are a type of zombie found in civil-service locations. Like any other kind of zombie, they are aggressive NPCs which can chase the player when in their line of vision.

Civil Servant Zombies can be slightly tougher than the common kind (civilian zombies), due to the increased damage reduction given by their clothes or armour.

Contrary to popular belief, police zombies and RCMP zombies are not tougher than standard civilian zombies (either through increased health or higher damage reduction), although their hats do reduce damage to their heads. Firefighter zombies by contrast do have higher damage reduction, both on their bodies and heads.


Civil Servant Zombies appear in 3 types; Police Zombies, Firefighter Zombies, and RCMP Zombies. Police Zombies may appear with, or without, Police Armor.


  • RCMP Zombies:
    • Prison
    • Police Station (sometimes)
  • Firefighter Zombies:
    • Fire Station
  • Police Zombies:
    • Police Outpost (at airport)
    • Police Station


  • Civil Servant Zombies were first added on the second beta release.
  • In Unturned 1, there were only police zombies aside from your normal zombies.

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