Civilian Bullets

Civ Bullets
Item Type: Ammunition 
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.2kg/0.44lbs
Description: "Box of Civilian grade munitions."

Civilian Bullets are a common resource found mostly at civilian and police locations. It is used to load all civilian and militia firearms. Although being easy to find, and rather lightweight, it has a very weak damage point for most weapons it's used by. That makes this type of ammunition useful for high powered guns like the Mosen, Outfield, Zubeknakov, and the Matamorez.

Civilian Bullets are used by placing a certain amount into the crafting menu, along with a magazine/clip/drum to be filled. They can not be used to reload a weapon directly, in order to refill a firearm the magazine must first be removed by holding T (default) and clicking the top-most magazine. Said magazine is always filled to its maximum capacity, so this item is best used on emptied magazines.


  • Military Locations are the only spots that civilian bullets cannot spawn, although civilian grade magazines also spawn there (Swift Magazine being the most common.)
  • It is the lightest bullet box in the group, weighing 0.2 kg.



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