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Clothing store

A front view of the clothing store in Alberton (OUTDATED).

The Clothing Shop is a building in Alberton.


It is a pink building labeled Clothes. In the front of the store, there are 4 mannequins, with one of the mannequins fallen face forward, breaking through its glass. Inside of the shop are double sided shelves with clothes on some of the shelve platforms. At the back of the store, there are two check-out stations with clothes sometimes spawning on them.


It spawns clothing and cloth commonly and is a good source for cloth, if needed for things like rags, ropes, and Sandbags


The mannequins inside appear similar to the ones found on Oultons Isle.

The mannequins are not wearing any form of clothing, which is a little odd because mannequins are built to display clothing and clothing can be found scattered around the clothing shop.

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