The Coalition Base is an unlisted location in Russia.


The base is partly covered and fortified by large rectangular rocks leaning diagonally towards the center of the base. Under it is several shipping containers and the entrance to the bunker with small stone walls surrounding the area. There is an opening in the center of the floor, which you can look down to see the bunker's 2 sections

Inside the bunker is decorated with crates, (shipping) containers and several indoor furniture such as benches, vending machines and racks. Several small rooms act as a small office.

Loot found in this location is very unique, as it is a combination of PEI/Washington's ranger loot (e.g. Katana, Balaclava) and firearms found in Washington (e.g. Eaglefire, Cobra, Peacemaker).


  • The exact name was confirmed by Nelson on Reddit.
  • The place was infected by a radiation leak that occurred after the sabotage of the missile launch at Silo 22.
  • The mixture of loot is likely the result of the Coalition being a multi-national force, being equipped and supplied with multi-national equipment.