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Colt Magazine
Colt 7
File Colt_7
ID 98
Rarity Uncommon
Type Magazine
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Capacity 7 Rounds
Refill Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box



The Colt Magazine is a Uncommon Magazine Attachment in Unturned 3. It holds 7 rounds, takes up 1 slot in the inventory and it is currently used by the Colt.


Colt Magazines can be found on the PEI map in any civilian area.


Colt Magazines only take up a single slot, making efficient when carrying in huge quantities. Its high spawn chances allows players with the Colt to have as many magazines as possible, and carrying Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Boxes will ensure that the player doesn't run out of ammo. However, it only holds seven rounds, and it is used by a weak weapon.


  • Colt Magazines are more common than others.
  • Only takes up 1 slot in the inventory.


  • Holds a small number of rounds.


  • The Colt Magazine was once named "Swift Magazine", which the name was used in the Unturned Classic and pre-steam versions of Unturned.
  • It is likely based on .45 ACP magazines for the M1911
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