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This page contains content that was removed from Unturned. Anything on this page is no longer part of the game, so please keep this in mind while commenting or editing.


Location Type: Airport
Size: Large
Zombie Population: High

The Commercial Airport is a civilian location in the Canada map. Many construction and civilian zombies wander the area.


This airport is similar to the Belfast Airport from Unturned Classic. It has asphalt floors and chain fences around the perimeter, making impossible to enter by vehicle.

There are 3 hangars on the corner of the airport; 1 big hangar to fit an airliner and 2 smaller ones to fit smaller planes. At the end of the airport is an air traffic control tower, 2 helipads and a crashed airliner resembling the one found in the hangar.


  • Along with many locations, this airport has no known name.
  • The construction worker zombies found here might have been the baggage handlers before they became infected.
  • The crashed plane does not look like the other planes at the airport. Perhaps it belonged to another airline.
  • A possible explanation for the crashed plane is that it was trying to either make an emergency landing or was trying to evacuate survivors but the pilot lost control and crashed.