Communication is the trade of thoughts between two people. In Unturned 3, two players may either communicate through Emotes, voice chat, or text chat.


Currently, there are six Gestures in Unturned 3, accessed by holding C by default. These six Gestures are Wave, Surrender, Point, Salute, Rest, and Facepalm. Gestures cannot be done when you are holding something, crouched, or prone.

While using the Surrender, The Player is vulnerable to Handcuffs and Cable Ties. Neutral Sentries will not fire upon you.

Voice Chat:

If a microphone is connected to your device, you may vocally talk to other nearby Players in-game as long as Voice Chat is enabled in your settings. The Player may use Left Alt by default to use Voice Chat.

If you have a Walkie Talkie, anyone else who has Walkie Talkie can talk to you, and hear you, across the map. Anybody with the Earpiece can listen to those using a Walkie Talkie, but cannot respond.

Text Chat:

Text Chat is accessed by using Enter by default. There are three forms of Text Chat, being World Chat, Area Chat, and Group Chat.

When using World Chat, anyone on the server may see your message. When using Area Chat, only those close to you may see your message. With Group Chat, only Players in your selected group may see your message.