Confederation Bridge Confederation Bridge 3.0

Loot Spawns: Military, Police, Civilian
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Medium

Confederation Bridge is the main bridge connecting Canada to PEI. It is found at the shoreline between Alberton and the Summerside Military Base .


The Confederation Bridge has a medical tent, a military tent, a Tank, and many demolished civilian vehicles on the other side. Military zombies, civilian zombies, and a Mega Zombie can spawn here. Also, there are boulders underneath the bridge.


  • The bridge was blown up to stop the spread of infection according to the Mission Briefing 22:09 note.
  • In reality, the Confederation Bridge is an 12.9km/8mi concrete box-girder bridge spanning between Cape Jourimain and Borden-Carleton, and is the only link between Prince Edward Island and mainland Canada, aside from the Wood Islands-Caribou ferry.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation bridge overview
Location Type: Bridge
Size: Long
Zombie Population: Small

The Confederation Bridge is a military location in Prince Edward Island. It is a bridge which is located near Alberton and the O'Leary Military Base. About 4-8 military zombies spawn around the checkpoint, while 5-6 civilian zombies spawn near the vehicles.


The bridge has tents infront of it, containing medical supplies in the medic tent (red tent with white cross) and military-grade items in the green tent. When going forward, there is a Tank and some sort of checkpoint, but a hole is present with falling vehicles.

Military loot can be found by the tank stood on the bridge. This loot ranges from Sandbags to Magazine Attachments.


An Steam Achievement can be obtained by going to the end of the Confedration Bridge, where the Player will find an invisible wall and get the Achievement


  • There is a text saying "Death is mad" under the bridge, which is a reference to a Player and this Wiki's administrator.
  • According to Nelson's Trello page, the gap between the portion of the bridge and the rest of the bridge was caused by the Tank.
  • The Confederation Bridge is an 12.9 kilometer (8 mile) concrete box-girder bridge, and is the only link between Prince Edward Island and mainland Canada.

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