Crashed AC-130 is an unlisted location in the Yukon map. It is located in the mid-southern section of the map.


It is located in the southern part of the map, east from Dawson Airstrip and south from Quill Creek. Construction Type loot spawn near the crashed airplane also with some Construction and Civilian zombies around it.


  • The crashed plane is an AC-130, the same airplane that drops the Carepackage.
    • This may explain why airdrops are unavailable in Yukon since the plane, which possibly carried the Carepackage, crashed. Strangely, this plane does not seem to have carried a crate.
    • Despite being confirmed to be an AC-130, it has no guns like a AC-130.
    • The plane could have been part of an evacuation to resue all survivors, which would explain why there was no crate in the plane.
      • If the plane had never come back, the Coalition could have assumed that the area was completely infected and never bothered to send airdrops.
  • The cause of the crash is unknown, but it may be due the crew becoming infected, bad weather, or engine failure.
    • Bad weather is a negative factor. Yukon is generally regarded as the map where flying is the most difficult, since the snowfall greatly impairs vision. Most planes, though, have a device showing the angle of the plane so that it can be kept steady. Simply losing control due to no sight is therefore not very likely, especially considering the altitude the plane must have been flying at.
    • Also the state of the wreck shows that the pilot attempted a belly-landing, which he/she would not have done if infected. Therefore engine failure is the most likely cause. The bad weather surely worsened the outcome however.
      • But according to the requirements for US cargo aircraft: "It had to land in tight spaces, slow to 125 knots for paratroop drops, and fly, if need be, with one engine". So engine failure still might not be plausible.
      • The plane may have been attempting to land on the airport runway before it crashed, since it's directly facing the Dawson Airstrip.
  • The crash could be a reference to BOXTOP22, a Canadian C-130 on a bi-annual resupply mission to Canadian Forces Station Alert in the Arctic on October 30, 1991. As it began its descent, the pilot lost sight of the runway. Moments later, radar and communication contact was lost as it crashed 16 kilometers away from the runway. A massive rescue operation was launched. Sadly, 4 died in the crash while one perished waiting for help to come.
    • However, CFS Alert is on Ellesmere Island, in the North-West Territories (what is now Nunavut).