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Type Storage
Weight 0.5kg kg • 1.10lbs lbs



For the Unturned 3 variant, see Birch Crate, Maple Crate and Pine Crate.

The Crate is a placeable un Unturned. It allows Player(s) to store items outside of their Inventories. The Crate has an item capacity of 4 slots.


Once placed, Crates cannot be moved. When destroyed, the items that were stored within the Crate will drop.

Unlike the Chest and Locker, the Crate can be accessible by any Players in a multiplayer server.


Crafting Crates requires the Player to have a Level 1 Craftsman skill.

Wooden Cross (x3) + Wooden Frame (x2) = Crate (x1)

Crate (1x) + Wooden Cross (x3) = Chest (1x)

Crate (1x)+ Scrap Metal (x3) = Locker (1x)

Unturned Classic

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