Crawler Zombies are a certain kind of zombie that spawns regularly. The main difference between them and other zombies is their slower speed, they crawl (hence name), and they have a 100% chance of inflicting bleeding with their attack.


Crawlies have a basic behavior, except they are much slower than regular zombies. They are stronger and require more hits to take out. Another important feature is that they can inflict bleeding, which can be fatal if one is not carrying a bandage or some other medical item. A player with 100% health (no armor) can be taken down to 3% health by one Crawler hit.


- Wait before you loot. If you attracted a mob of zombies via any noisy item, not all of them maybe dead. Crawlers take more time to reach player, and can come unexpected and kill a player busy looting.

- Use melee. Crawlers are much slower and tougher than regular zombies. It conserves ammo to kill them with a melee weapon rather than using your bullets or arrows.

- Carry bandages. If you unexpectedly get hit by a crawler, it will take only one hit from anything to make death certain. Bandages or dressing can stop the bleeding, and save the player.

Entity (Unturned 3)

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