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Day night cycle

The day/night cycle shown above Stratford.

The Day-Night Cycle is a game mechanic in Unturned where the map shines and darkens consecutively.



During night time, it is obviously more difficult for players to see. In Player vs Player instances, Players with night vision goggles are at an extreme advantage because they can spot players easily and stay almost completely out of sight for other players. Zombies and Animals experience no difference in the aggro/scare distance during standard night time.

Full Moon

Main article: Full Moon

A full moon night is no ordinary night, as the night time brightness, zombie aggressiveness, and zombie spawnrate increases. During a full moon, all zombies are faster, deal more damage to Players, and have glowing red eyes.


  • Some players find the reduced spawn time favorable since it affects all zombies, including Mega Zombies, allowing players to farm zombies for their item drops and experience points. This in turn makes it even more difficult to survive as there may be players actively hunting zombies during a Full Moon.
  • The red eye icon and zombie's glowing eyes may be a reference to the Anomaly, a removed entity which also scared players as well.


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