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The Deadzone Node is a game mechanic in Unturned 3.


When created in the Map Editor, it creates a permanent radioactive field around the node. The size of the Deadzone can be adjusted.

When The Player enters a Deadzone, a message saying "Entering deadzone!" will appear and their Immunity will drop rapidly. If the Player exits the Deadzone, the message "Exiting deadzone!" comes up on the screen.

Gasmasks and Biohazard Hoods will filter out radiation, effectively stopping Immunity loss from deadzones. But will eventually need to be repaired with a Filter to continue to filter out radiation. Also the Biohazard Top and Bottom will slow down the rate of filter durability loss.

Zombies inside a Deadzone Node become their Radioactive Zombie variant.


Hawaii: A medium-size Deadzone placed on The Ailani, a varying Deadzone found close to the lava and orange barrels on Mauna Kea, and a small Deadzone found in an orange hut on Mauna Kea on the walkways on the volcano.

PEI: A miniature Deadzone in the fields at Tignish Farm around the Scorpion-7 Sign.

Russia: The Oil Rig, as well as sizable portion of the northern part of the map, centered around Silo 22.

Washington: A small Deadzone around the UFO.

Yukon: A medium-size Deadzone around the Crashed Skycrane.


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