Delivery Truck
ID 847
Seats 2
Trunk 25 Storage (5x5)
Forward 53 kph
Backward 21 kph
Brake 24
File Name Box_Truck
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Delivery Truck is an Uncommon Car in Unturned 3.

Acquirement: Edit

Greece: The Delivery Truck can be found in cities. Additionally, it can be found in the tunnel between Lamia and Farsala, the roads near Karpenissi Mine, Makrakomi Farm, and at Karditsa Farm.

Hawaii: It can be found on the map.

Analysis: Edit

Advantages: Edit

  • Large open space in the back for building.

Disadvantages: Edit

  • Below average speed.
  • Only two seats.
  • Weak.
  • Poor steering.

History: Edit

CHANGES The Delivery Truck has been added to the game.
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