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Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon
ID 488
Rarity Epic
Type Handgun
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Equip Secondary
Hooks N/A
Defaults N/A
Firemodes Safety • Semi
Range 125 meters • 410.105 feet
Firerate 5 RPS
Durability 60% degrade chance
Desert Falcon
Damage 80
Damage 125
Damage 50
Barricade 35
Structure 30
Vehicle 50
Resource 40
Negation True / False
Desert Falcon
File Desert_Falcon
Caliber 19
Muzzle 3
Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon



The Desert Falcon is a rare weapon in Unturned. It uses the Desert Falcon Magazine, which holds 7 rounds.


The Desert Falcon can rarely be found at Military Locations. There is also a chance that it will drop from a Mega Zombie.

PEI: Summerside Military Base, Confederation Bridge

Washington: Scorpion-7, Paradise Point, Olympia Military Base, Military Checkpoints, Crashed Military Convoys, Crashed Helicopter at Golf Course



  • High damage per shot to players and zombies.
  • Decent accuracy in its effective range.
  • Longest range of all the pistols.


  • Very loud when fired.
  • Low ammo capacity per magazine.
  • Does not allow any attachments.
  • Has high recoil.
  • Sluggish rate of fire for a semi-automatic pistol.
  • Uses high caliber military ammuntion, which is rare to find.
  • Rare to find.
  • High degrade chance.


Desert Eagle was added to the game.
Desert Eagle was renamed to Desert Falcon.
The barrel is now visible.
Tweaked player damage from 50 to 80
  • Added damage against objects, set at 50.


  • The Desert Falcon is based on the Desert Eagle designed by Magnum Research Inc. and Israeli Military Industries.
    • Due to its nationality, it's extremely likely that this model was made by Magnum Research Inc.
  • Oddly enough, it is referred as a "cannon" instead of a pistol. This likely refers to the fact that it has extreme recoil and damage, making it impractical as a handgun.
  • Despite the Desert Eagle being a military-grade weapon, the real thing is used only by the Polish GROM and the IDF. In either case, it is not a standard issue firearm.
  • Like the Katana, Gold players will get a special Gold skin for the Desert Falcon, that looks like the normal Desert Falcon but is golden, and the sight color changes to gold as well.
  • The Desert Falcon has the same iron sights as the Avenger.
  • In Unturned Classic, there was a glitch where the texture of this weapon was changing to absolutely random colors. It was later fixed.
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